31-LSF Style Horizontal Gas Liquid Separators
Gas liquid separators for
up to 5% by weight of the units flow capacity

Wright-Austin 31-LSF SeparatorThe Wright-Austin 31-LST series of in-line horizontal gas/liquid separators utilizes a two stage design remove 99% of droplets and particles > 10 microns in size.  As the moisture laden gas enters the separator, centrifugal force is applied causing the the droplets and particles to fall into the drainage sump where they cannot be re-entrained into the gas flow.

The relatively clean and dry gas enters the second stage, passing through filter elements to capture and coalesce finer particles and droplets, which are collected in another drainage sump where they cannot become re-entrained into the gas flow.

The filter elements are made of epoxy saturated borosilicate microglass fibers with a glass matrix drainage layer in retentions as fine as 0.30 microns.

Standard ports are provided for vents, gauges and drains, although additional connections can be provided.  Type 31-LSF separators are designed for 2½ to 16" pipelines in carbon steel, stainless steel and other alloys as required. 31-LSF gas liquid separators are constructed to ASME code for unfired vessels, Section VIII, Division 1.  An ASME U stamp and CRN registration is available.

Use the Air Sizing Chart or Steam Sizing Chart  to determine the proper size and use these Formulas and Constants to adjust separator size to your specific application.  Not sure what you need? Fill-out our inquiry form for assistance.