Wright-Austin Model 230-AC
Cast Iron Float Style Drain Traps

The Wright-Austin Model 230-AC float style drain trap is designed for gummy fluids and larger liquid volumes and system pressures up to 125 PSI.

Ideal for use where gummy emulsions or cylinder lubricants make other traps inoperative, 230-AC float drain traps have a vertical inlet and down flow discharge design. Ample float power and large outward-opening discharge valve prevent loss of pressure. A small amount of water remains within the trap, creating a liquid seal and keeping the valve closed tight. Internal parts are stainless steel, including non-magnetic valve and seat. Working parts are attached to the cover for easy removal without disconnecting the trap from the line. No priming is required.

If installed where freezing is possible, a 100 watt, 120 volt heating element should be used.  P/N 9014D.

Lead time for Model 230-AC float style drain traps is usually only 2-3 days to any USA location (7-10 days outside USA) after receipt of an order.  If the lead time is critical, please contact our office and obtain a lead-time estimate based upon the current manufacturing backlog. 

If you need assistance with proper selection, please fill-out our inquiry form.

wright-austin model 230 automatic drain trap PART NUMBER 230-ACN

Outline Drawing:

Spare Parts Datasheet

Drain Trap Capacity Chart


It is typically recommended that for steam service, stainless steel orifices are used instead of the standard Viton. Please let us know if this is the case.