Coalescer Gas Liquid Separators

Fine mist separation (>4 microns) with 99% efficiency

Horizontal coalescer centrifugal separatorCutaway view of a horizontal coalescer separator

Wright-Austin high efficiency CLC  coalescer gas liquid separators can be applied for horizontal and vertical up-flow applications; their compact design often enables them to be installed and supported within the pipeline without costly supports.  Whereas standard centrifugal separators have a single vortex stage to remove entrained droplets finer than 10 microns with 99% efficiency, CLC coalescer separators are a two-stage design capable of removing entrained droplets as fine as 4 microns with 99% efficiency.

The first stage consists of a wire mesh coalescing pad which results in droplets larger than 4 microns to coalesce into droplets larger than 10 microns; the second stage removes droplets larger than 10 microns wtih 99% efficiency.  As with all our centrifugal separator designs, the patented vortex containment plate prevents reentrainment of the separated droplets and particles after separation.

The mesh layer may require periodic cleaning or replacement, necessitating a flanged body design with stud/net or swing-bolt closure.  Coalescer separators are constructed to ASME code for unfired vessels, Section VIII, Division 1.  An ASME stamp and CRN registration is available for sizes 2½ inches and larger.

Coalescer separators are used in applications where fine mists are encountered in processes involving cooling, condensation, flashing or evaporation.  Examples include removal of water or oil from refrigeration gases, evaporator overhead steam, compressed air prior to a desiccant dryer bed, high pressure gas at injection wells, fuel gas lines to engines in power and industrial plants, natural gas distribution lines and regulator stations.

Coalescer separator with tangential nozzle orientation and swing bolt closure