Fabricated Carbon Steel Exhaust Heads

Wright-Austin fabricated exhaust headWright-Austin custom fabricated carbon steel exhaust heads are used to reduce visible condensate plumes and to recover various chemistries prior to venting to atmosphere. Fabricated exhaust heads remove entrained droplets as fine as 10 microns with 99% efficiency thereby reduce carry-out and contamination of nearby structures.

Carbon steel exhaust heads have a 304 stainless steel vortex vane.  Carbon steel is used in lieu of cast iron when the operating temperature, compatibility or sizing exceeds the cast iron design. ASME Code Stamps and CRN are not applicable to exhaust heads  because they are not pressure vessels.

How to Size an Exhaust Head

When sizing an exhaust head, the pressure used to size it should always be Atmospheric (14.7 PSIA); an exhaust head is essentially a pipe fitting with one end fully opened to atmosphere (14.7 PSIA) and therefore its the flow rate that determines the exhaust head size.  Fabricated exhaust heads enable customizations and NDE/NDT which are not applicable to cast iron exhaust heads.  For example, we can attach a smaller size inlet nozzle to match your existing/design vent pipe size.  We can also provide other connection types besides the standard 150# flanged design.

There is no need to shield the exit orifice of an exhaust head from rainwater because it will automatically be diverted to drain.

Refer to the atmospheric dotted line for sizing exhaust heads.  We can reduce the nozzle size of an exhaust head design to match your pipeline size without the need for an adapter.

PDF links to sizing charts:

Separator Sizing Chart for Air and other GassesSeparator Sizing Chart for Steam

Please contact us for alloy materials and temperatures over 650ºF.

Some of the part numbers below are linked to a PDF outline drawing:

150# RF ANSI flanged connections
2½" 1,000 280
3" 1,600 410
4" 2,700 700
5" 4,000 1,100
6" 6,000 1,700
8" 10,500 2,900
10" 16,000 4,500
12" 24,000 6,500
14" 34,000 8,800
16" 44,000 11,500
18" 52,000 14,500
20" 66,000 17,000
24" 94,000 26,000
30" 145,000 40,000
36" 210,000 55,000
42" 290,000 76,000
48" 375,000 99,000
2" 2EHC 2EHS
2½" 2.5EHC 2.5EHS
3" 3EHC 3EHS
4" 4EHC 4EHS
5" 5EHC 5EHS
6" 6EHC 6EHS
8" 8EHC 8EHS
10" 10EHC 10EHS
12" 12EHC 12EHS
14" 14EHC 14EHS
16" 16EHC 16EHS
18" 18EHC 18EHS
20" 20EHC 20EHS
24" 24EHC 24EHS