Wright Austin T Gas Liquid Separators

Cast Iron separators for up to 40% by weight of the units flow capacity

Wright-Austin Type T Separator

T gas/liquid separators are designed to remove entrained liquid and solids from air, steam or any gaseous media.  This specific design is effective for applications where the entrained liquid flow rate is ≤ 40% by weight of the units flow capacity.

When properly sized, this gas/liquid separator will remove up to 99% of all liquid and solids greater than 10 microns in size.  The removal is accomplished by a design that causes the air/gas/steam to enter a controlled centrifugal flow.  This results in forcing the entrained material to the outer wall and the VCP prevents re-entrainment.

Shipments are usually made within 1-2 weeks after receipt of an order.  If the lead time is critical, please contact our office and obtain a lead-time estimate based upon the current manufacturing backlog.  If you need assistance with proper selection, please fill-out our inquiry form.

SIZE CONNECTION PART NUMBER Code stamp and CRN not applicable to this product

T Separator Options:

• ½" FNPT thermometer connection

• larger drain size

Outline Drawings:

¾" to 3" NPT threaded connections

2" to 5" 125# FF ANSI flanged connections

Engineering Information:

Air Sizing Chart
Steam Sizing Chart

Formulas and Constants

3/4" FNPT 0.75TAN
1" 1.TAN
1 1/4" 1.25TAN
1 1/2" 1.5TAN
2" 2.TAN
2 1/2" FNPT 2.5TAN
3" 3.TAN
4" 4.TFN
5" 5.TFN