Wright Austin T Gas Liquid Separators

Cast Iron separators for up to 40% by weight of the units flow capacity

Cast Type T Gas/Liquid SeparatorType T gas/liquid separators are designed to remove entrained liquid and solids from air, steam or any gaseous media compatible with cast iron.  The T design can remove entrained liquid at a rate equivalent to 40% of the total weight flow, removing entrained droplets >10 microns with 99% efficiency. Due to the cast iron design an ASME Code Stamp or CRN is not applicable.  If you require an ASME Code Stamp or CRN it will need to be a fabricated design in carbon steel or stainless steel.  The cast iron version is commonly used in steam and compressed air systems.

99% efficiency for removing droplets >10 microns is accomplished by creation of a powerful centrifugal vortex within the separator body.  Droplets and particles larger than 10 microns are tossed to the vessel walls where they coalesce to larger droplets and collect at the drain port.  Re-entrainment is prevented due to a vortex containment plate (VCP) located just above the drain port.  Dry gas and droplets finer than 10 microns exit through the center of the vortex and out the discharge nozzle.

There are no moving parts or serviceable components within a T style separator.  If fluid is allowed to accumulate and sit in the separator, perhaps due to a faulty drain valve, it is possible for the lower body to become severely corroded.  Other than that, cast iron T style separators have a decades long service life with zero maintenance required!

If the separated fluid is not drained from the separator before raising above the VCP, re-entrainment is likely.  The simplest way to drain fluid from the separator is to attach a ball valve on the drain port, which can be manually opened or automated based upon a timer.  Using a ball valve risks loss of some process gas during drainage, so consider using a Type 90-AC float drain trap instead; it automates the drainage process mechanically and ensures no process gas loss during drainage.

The Wright-Austin ST style separator has a float drain trap built into the separator body; the cost of an ST is about the same as purchasing a T separator and trap separately, however instalaltion is simplified.

Outline Drawing (PDF) File Links:

Wright-Austin Threaded Cast Iron Type T SeparatorWright-Austin Flanged Cast Iron Type T Separator

3/4" FNPT 0.75TAN
1" 1.TAN
1 1/4" 1.25TAN
1 1/2" 1.5TAN
2" 2.TAN
2 1/2" FNPT 2.5TAN
3" 3.TAN
4" 4.TFN
5" 5.TFN