Wright-Austin T Gas Liquid Separators

entrained droplet removal capacity up to 40% of the units weight flow capacity

Wright-Austin T style air liquid separators are designed to remove 99% of all liquid droplets and solid particles greater than 10 microns in size for pipelines transferring gaseous media such as compressed air, steam, natural gas etc...

Moisture laden gas enters the T style separator and is deflected downwards in a centrifugal motion.  The reduction in velocity separates out the liquid, which falls below and coalesces under the  patented Vortex Containment Plate (VCP).  The VCP prevents reentrainment of the liquid into the gas.  The resulting dry, clean gas flows upwards and exits through the outlet of the separator.  Wright-Austin accomplishes this without complex baffles, deflectors and other structures that obstruct the flow-stream, resulting in very low pressure drops while maintaining an infinite turndown capability.

The smaller versions of the T style gas/liquid separators are available in cast iron, cast steel and cast 316SS.  Larger and customized versions are fabricated from carbon steel, 304SS, 316SS and can also be fabricated from exotic alloys when needed.

Except for cast iron construction, >2" T style gas/liquid separators are available with ASME code stamp and CRN. All fabricated T style gas/liquid separators are designed in New Jersey (USA) in accordance with ASME Section VIII, Division I and fabricated in Reynosa Mexico; ASME Code Stamp is optional.

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