Wright-Austin TF Gas Liquid Separators

Coalescing separators for fine mist removal

Wright-Austin TF SeparatorWright-Austin type TF coalescing  gas-liquid separators employ a two stage liquid and solid entrainment particle removal design, capable of removing 99.7% of entrained droplets and particles > 0.30 microns in size.

The moisture and particle laden gas enters the separator body and is immediately deflected into a downward, centrifugal pattern whereby droplets and particles are separated from the gas via a reduction in their velocity.  The separated droplets and particles become trapped within a reservoir and cannot be re-entrained into the gas flow.  This exclusive design does not use expensive or delicate internal baffles that other designs must employ for equivalent efficiency.

The clean, dry flow is directed to the secondary (upper) stage, passing through precision filter cartridges designed to retain droplets and particles > 0.30 microns; the particle retention is dependent upon the filter cartridges used. The filter elements are made of epoxy saturated borosilicate microglass fibers having a glass-matrix drain layer and are available in several retention sizes.

TF style coalescing gas liquid separators are available for 2½" to 16" pipelines and manufactured in carbon steel, stainless steel or other alloys as required.  TF gas liquid separators are constructed to ASME code for unfired vessels, Section VIII, Division 1.  An ASME U stamp and CRN registration is available.