Wright-Austin TS Gas Liquid Separators
up to 60% by weight of the units flow capacity

TS style gas/liquid separators are designed to remove entrained liquid and solids from air, steam or industrial gaseous media.  This specific design is effective for applications where the entrained liquid flow rate equates to ≤ 60% by weight of the units flow capacity.

When properly sized, Wright-Austin TS gas/liquid separators will remove up to 99% of all liquid and solids greater than 10 microns in size.  The removal is accomplished by a design that causes the gaseous media to enter a controlled downwards centrifugal flow.  This results in forcing the entrained material to the outer wall where it coalesces.  The patented vortex containment plate (VCP) prevents re-entrainment. Wright-Austin accomplished this without complex baffles, deflectors and other structures that obstruct the flow-stream and this results in very low pressure drops.

Type TS separators handle higher volume of entrained droplets/particles than the standard T style does due to its elongated body.  TS style gas/liquid separators are typically used for applications where higher than normal liquid loading causes a "slugging" problem, common to refinery and chemical plant applications. TS gas/liquid separators are also used upstream of gas turbines, adsorption towers, gas scrubbers and steam generator outlets.

TS air liquid separators are constructed to ASME code for unfired vessels, Section VIII, Division 1.  An ASME stamp and CRN registration is available for sizes 2 inches and larger. TS style gas/liquid separators are fabricated from carbon steel, 304SS, 316SS and can also be fabricated from exotic alloys when needed.

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