T-DTL, 31L-DTL and 33L-DTL Gas Liquid Separators

Separation of high solid, sludgy gasses down to >10 micrions

Wright-Austin Type T-DTL SeparatorWright-Austin Type 33L-DTLWright-Austin high efficiency DTL gas liquid separators for horizontal or vertical down-flow applications are designed specifically for liquid droplet separation involving high solids content.  DTL gas liquid separators have a conical shaped drain sump for better drainage of slurry-like fluids.

When properly sized, our separators will remove up to 99% of all liquid and solids greater than 10 microns in size from an air, steam or industrial gas flow.  The removal is accomplished by a design that causes the air/gas/steam to enter into controlled centrifugal vortex which forces the entrained material to the outer wall (vessel ID).  A vortex containment plate (VCP) prevents re-entrainment of the sxeparated liquid and particles.  The removed particles and liquid accumulate at the bottom of the conical drain sump.

A float style drain trap is not recommended for removal of the separated material because solids will clog-up this type of valve.  A rotary valve is typically suggested because its design inherently allows for the solids to be removed with minimal loss of air, gas or steam from the system.

All DTL style gas liquid separators are available with ASME code stamp in accordance with ASME Section VIII, Division I can be assigned a Canadian Registration Number (CRN).

Wright-Austin Type 31L-DTL Separator

 DTL Separator Applications:

• Steam Drums
• Steam Turbines
• Intercooler Equipment
• Aftercooler Equipment

• Gas Well Heads
• Deep Well Heads
• Oil Extraction
• Chemical Processing

• Scrubbing Systems
• Evaporator
• Glycol Dehydration
• Sulfur Condenser

• Mist Elimination
• Heat Exchangers
• Reactors
• Landfill/Waste Gas

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