Condensate Drain Traps

Wright-Austin liquid float drain traps and air vent traps

Condensate float drain trap

Wright-Austin Float drain traps provide an economical way to automatically drain reclaimed fluids from compressed air and gas pipelines.  Cast from iron, steel and 316SS we offer two float drain trap variations to handle condensate, sticky lubricants and applications where there is a large variation in liquid volume. These traps are capable of removing up to 2800 lbs of condensate per hour and work with pressure differentials from 5 up to 500 psi.

How a Float Drain Trap Works

  • Wright-Austin float drain traps are used for compressed air and gas applications for discharging reclaimed fluids without exhausting the compressed air or gas.  The loss of gas flow is prevented by a positive fluid seal (typically water, but it can be other fluids such as gummy emulsions characteristic of cylinder lubricants).

  • The internal components are rust-proof stainless steel, including the non-magnetic valves and seat.

  • All working parts are attached to the drain trap housing for easy removal and inspection.

  • Select the smallest orifice that will handle the expected drainage rate at your system pressure to minimize the valve cycle frequency.

  • Datasheets: (PDF files)

Cast Iron Drain TrapType 90-AC and 95-AC These are the most common style float drain traps and typically used to drain condensate from compressed air lines and gas pipelines; used in conjunction with Wright-Austin air/liquid separators.



Model 230-AC Drain TrapType 230-AC The type 230-AC series float drain traps are used for draining cold, gummy emulsions, typical of cylinder lubricants or other fluids that benefit from an extra-large float (power) and large valve opening.