Reflex Style Armored Liquid Level Gauges

Sight gauges for steam separators

Armored Reflex Liquid Level Gauge WA1RL2A (1RL2)Armored reflex liquid level gauges provide a visual indication of the liquid level within a centrifugal separator vessel.  The sight glass contains prism grooves to reflect liquid and gas differently (black vs. silver), resulting in very clear indication of the liquid level within a gas/liquid separator, de-aerators tanks and other types of vessels.  The outer "armor" protects the the specialized tempered borosilicate glass from impacts.  The glass lens is resistant to thermal shock, heat, corrosion and abrasion.

Liquid level gauges are used with centrifugal separators for confirmation that liquid is draining at an appropriate rate (not exceeding the maximum capacity of the centrifugal separator).  They are also used in other vessels where there is a combination of liquids and gasses for which the level is important.  As applies to gas/liquid separators low pressure liquid level gagues are used for compressed air applications and high pressure liquid level gauges are used for steam applications.

There are many variations available; whereas the standard "armor" is made of carbon steel with a single lens, armor in other materials and multiple lens designs are available as dictated by the application or installation environment.  We also offer several types of connection types; please provide us with the required center distance, pressure and temperature for your application and we'll select the appropriate liquid level gauge.  Following are the dimensions for our standard ½" MNPT close nipple installation without gauge cocks.

Reflex Liquid Level Gauges Specifications

Reflex Liquid Level Gauge Dimensions

WA1RL2A 1RL2 6-1/4" 6-1/4" 4-3/4"
WA1RL3A 1RL3 7-1/4" 7-1/4" 5-3/4"
WA1RL4A 1RL4 8-1/4" 8-1/4" 6-3/4"
WA1RL5A 1RL5 9-3/8" 9-3/8" 7-7/8"
WA1RL6A 1RL6 10-5/8" 10-5/8" 9-1/8"
WA1RL7A 1RL7 11-3/4" 11-3/4" 10-1/4"
WA1RL8A 1RL8 13-3/8" 13-3/8" 11-7/8"
WA1RL9A 1RL9 14-1/8" 14-1/8" 12-5/8"