Type 60-I and 70-I Separator Elements

Type 60-I separation elementI-70 Internal assembly by Wright-Austin

Wright-Austin Type 60-I and 70-I separator elements are for customers that wish to fabricate their own vessels.  The patented Wright-Austin designs are so efficient that we routinely supply our internal elements to other manufacturers of gas/liquid separators!

We can provide our separator elements in carbon steel, stainless steel or other "exotic" alloys.  Our internal elements have a compact design and require no maintenance because there's no movable or serviceable parts and by design they are self cleaning.

As with all of Wright-Austin separators, these elements will remove 99% of entrained droplets and particulate greater than 10 microns.

We offer two separation element designs, the Type 60-I (left) for an up-flow exit path and the Type 70-I (right) for down-flow exit paths.  The separation elements create a controlled centrifugal flow, forcing entrained droplets and particles to the outer walls of the internal surface area within the element and drain via an integral drain pipe.  We can customize the elements to suit your specific requirements; examples include changing the drain size, orientation and length.

Sizing internal separation elements requires using only 65% of the equivalent air or steam flow based upon their respective capacity charts.  When using with an industrial gas, refer to the air capacity chart and make corrections based upon our corrections factors charts and formulasThis is the steam capacity chart link.  To operate effectively the separation elements must be located a minimum of 1 foot above the surface of the liquid plus the pressure drop across the element in inches of water.

As with all of our separation products, we are glad to assist you with proper sizing and the best way to get started is completing our inquiry form for separators.